The Bully Corporation

One of the Best Stories about Bullying

You will Ever Read!


The Shocking True Story of Bullying

& What You Need to Know To Protect Yourself

“On Friday, June 10th, late morning, I went into the kitchen, brewed a cup of coffee and began slicing a croissant for myself. I felt great and I was in an exceptionally good mood, satisfied with my decision to leave the Company and thinking about my future plans. In walk Luna and Chuck who positioned themselves a couple of feet behind me to my right and were whispering off and on. Twice I glanced back at them for a brief second and each time I did so they abruptly stopped whispering to each other, only to start up again when I resumed tending to my croissant. As I felt them slowly edge closer, my heart began pounding because I sensed something dreadful was about to happen, particularly since I was able to see from my peripheral vision their hands gesturing towards my body as they were whispering. Just a little more butter and I’m off to my desk … and then … Oh no!”

What happened in the days that followed is A DOOZY –

And my advisers do not want you to read about it.

That’s why you should read it!

Scandal, Lies and Manipulation. In today’s corporate culture, mistreatment can happen at any level and be depicted through subtle forms of injustices:  re-positioning employees through favoritism, unfair income discrepancies, a newly perceived threat to one’s job by a cunning executive, and even slander … or worse!

The competitive nature of a corporate society coupled with workplace bias takes a toll on our mental health while creating insecurities about the future of our jobs and career.

Work place abuse

BULLYCORP – the explosive true story that will blow your mind!

Bully Corp Ebook

Dear Friend:

The excerpt above is just a small portion of the amazing journey on which you are about to embark.

Join the courageous author in this groundbreaking exposé as she tells you about the incredible, harrowing experiences she endured while working at a major U.S. corporation.

This slim eBook is a compulsively readable and humanizing portrait of a maliciously and needlessly defamed employee – an attractive, intelligent, diligent, moral young woman.

It is a beautifully written cautionary tale, building momentum by presenting countless yet, at first, seemingly unrelated chronicles of abuse reported to the author by fellow employees – until it shifts into high gear, developing into a cat and mouse psycho-thriller that exposes Upper Management’s extraordinary lies and manipulations engineered against its very own conscientious workers.

It contains searing insight into the bully managers’ motives; scathing commentary and quotable phrases; tales of devious lawyers, racism, and unfair income discrepancies.

  • Bombshell revelations by managers themselves will knock your socks off!
  • The one thing you must do right now before you hire a lawyer, whether you are leaving your current place of employment or not, and …
  • What you absolutely must do when seeking employment elsewhere! Most importantly,
  • You will have tremendous advantages over others by learning to recognize the subtle signs that you are being manipulated by upper managers themselves and NOT a lone “trouble-making” co-worker. As you discover the nuances of workplace bullying, you will understand why those in positions of power and their acolytes do not want you to read this book!
  • You will not find this astonishing story anywhere else in print or online!
  • FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS:  Includes two very personal bonus stories and superb commentary which will resonate with, comfort and guide victims of schoolyard and cyber bullying, domestic or spousal abuse.  This eBook is written for everyone – both bullies and their prey, worker and student alike. 

Journey with the author through heartbreak and regrets towards emotional liberation and ultimately forgiveness as you read her powerful and eloquent plea to her very tormentors – those who should be models of professional behavior, but who were instead the likely root of all evil. Be there as she navigates the complicated web of trickery and deceit within the confines of a professional environment.

Definitely one of the best stories and commentaries about bullying you will ever read, this fascinating eBook comes to you at just the price of a paperback whether you download an EPUB, MOBI or PDF file.

Fellow Americans, please wake up!! You cannot afford to ignore this story. Over 50,000,000 Americans have reported workplace abuse alone, amounting to a Nationwide Epidemic.

And if this is the number of reported incidents, just how many of you out there, like the author, have been suffering in silence? Too afraid to talk to anyone, jeopardize your job, or appear paranoid, believing that the problem is you. It is not you. It is not your fault.

Are you going to give up on your hopes and dreams, spending the rest of your life wondering what could have been had you stood up for yourself?  Are you going to end up regretting what should have been had you taken the bull by the horns and pursued the work, the respect and financial success you know in your heart you deserve?  The author has been there, my friend!  Let her show you her journey so that you will be able to better understand and navigate bullies’ sociopathic behaviors that are holding you back and keeping you down.

Yes, this is happening in Corporate America and these employers are getting away with it. You owe it to yourself, your friends, family, and fellow workers to download your copy right now!!


  • A real page-turner – insightful, infuriating, addictive.  Chapter 8 had me on the edge of my seat.  Chapter 12 was inspirational.  One of the best stories about bullying you’ll ever read.  I foresee a great script!”      J.R., New York City
  • “Sandy Tierfreund’s new book about workplace bullying has Grishamesque plot twists and will leave you shaking your head wondering how this could happen in this country. It is a story about corporate greed and the diabolical power plays that can occur when people are pitted against one another in the work place rather than encouraged to work together towards a common goal. Ms. Tierfreund has recalled with impressive detail her descent through a corporate wormhole that left her jobless, paranoid and shaken. It is with honesty and compassion that she’s written about her experience. The result is this book which has clearly been for her a great catharsis. As she writes towards the end of the book, her experience has made her stronger and she is grateful for what it taught her. Whether or not you have endured workplace bullying yourself, this book is a refreshingly honest and heartfelt story of one woman’s journey from the other side of The Company.  Well done!”   R.M., New York City
  • “This is an eloquent first person account of bullying in the workplace. The author’s harrowing experience is a disconcerting narrative of corporate bullying and manipulation of co-workers by obviously disturbed managers. Even when Sandy is aware she has been targeted by management and is forced to await their next move, events happen which no reasonable person could anticipate. Sandy’s eloquent story keeps you reading and wondering how the corporate workplace has degenerated to such a degree with slander and assault condoned by management. I greatly recommend you buy this book whether you simply want to learn about the corporate workplace today or to pick up tactics to protect yourself from potentially disastrous consequences.”    C.G., Rome, Italy
  • “Such an amazing read!  I devoured this book in an hour as I couldn’t put it down!  I can totally identify with Sandy since I myself have experienced bullying in the workplace.  This information must get out there because ALL bullying needs to stop!  I highly recommend downloading this e-book.”    T.M., Maspeth, NY
  • “I read the book three times and each time I read it I get more and more out of it.  It is very well written and kudos to you, my dear Sandy.”     E.M., New Jersey
  • “What most people do not understand is that Corporations are artificial entities and do not have a heart or soul – their ‘soul’ goal is to make money and those at the top must protect their jobs at all costs.  They are anti-human!!!”     J.S., New York City
  • “Hi Sandy.  Great book!  The story unfolds with suspense.  Anyone with any corporate experience will identify with it.  Very well written!”     Greg, Seoul, South Korea
  • “Wow!  What a story!  The writing was passionate and emotional.  It is a great read especially for someone like me who has been bullied at three different companies, both big and small, from family-owned to a public company.  Because of this, I now own my very own company as I was unable to go back to working for others.  Corporate bullying needs to stop.  It should be a crime.  One of these days a bully will hurt the wrong person as we have seen in society.  As I was reading, I felt so relieved that I wasn’t the only one as I had previously thought, although I was very sympathetic to what Sandy goes through.  If you think you are alone, this e-book will show you otherwise.  Read this book now!”    A.V., Valley Stream, NY
  • “Reading the book I felt bad for Sandy who was doing everything right and trying to make things work out in her Company.  She was abused similarly to someone who is trapped in a bad marriage and getting mentally beaten up every day.  The treatment she received undermined her self-confidence and caused her to second guess everything she did.  After all the despicable acts that were done to Sandy, it’s amazing that she did not go postal on these people.  I became angry in some parts because she was naïve believing that the Company would do what’s right.  But the Company works for the Company and not for you!  This book examines the psychology of abusers, their cohorts, as well as the mental anguish and distress experienced by the abusee – something those who have been in abusive relationships at home or at work can relate to.  Bullying behavior exists.  This book will help people recognize it before the victims become postal or suicidal or both.  Definitely worth the read as it makes you aware and explore what is happening around you.”    F.E., Zurich, Switzerland
  • “Wow! Sandy’s corporate bullying experience was incredibly stressful. But once I immersed myself into her character, I could not help wanting to know what happened next. It is so sad to learn that these situations happen so frequently. I am glad this book is out – because this is not just a story, but a true story with a purpose. And I am going to read it again. Thank you for sharing.”   Ric, New York, NY 
  • “Absolutely incredible story – thorough and well-written.  We should all be reading this exposé; however, it’s particularly useful and informative to those who are going through what Sandy and her co-workers experienced.  I can’t wait to read it again.  Great job.”   A.P, Westbury, NY


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