Get to Know the Author of “The Bully Corporation”


Many years ago, upon visiting Washington DC for the first time, I ran inside the Jefferson Memorial desperately seeking those glorious words that have been immortalized beneath the dome’s inner circle, the essence of that brilliant man’s mind so aptly reflected in the entire foundation of the American Dream: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” And then I stood there and cried. For nothing moves me more than any person, philosophy, actions or words that glorify the dignity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of such happiness.  American men and women have died to preserve and spread the ideals of Thomas Jefferson and his fellow founding fathers. 

This is who I am, what I believe. A simple, yet profoundly humane worldview that exists for the taking by anyone of any race or creed whose spirit resonates with this philosophy of love for man’s potentialities and, yes, a deep rage against bullying tyranny – a malignant resentment of exceptionalism – that subjugates the unique brilliance that lies within our souls to physical or mental servitude. We must read, analyze, debate, think out of the box….and always respectfully question authority, never accepting anything at face value. But be forewarned: This will make us a target. And since you have now found me, my friend, I know that you are a kindred soul and my own words above resound with you! Please take a small chance with me by downloading my eBook. I promise you’ll be hooked. (Wait till you get to Chapter 8. You’ll fall off your chair.)

As for a few extra details: I am a New York born-and-raised college-educated woman, graduated with honors, and studied a year in law school. I enjoy film, listening to Chillout music, working out at my local gym and biking, especially along Manhattan’s riverfront bikeways. Of course, “Sandy” is a pseudonym, in keeping with the fact that all the names in my eBook have been changed in order to protect people’s privacy. (It is not my intent to expose anybody or subject them to any form of ridicule; rather to shed more light on horrific abuses of employees that, in my opinion, are not only evil and cruel, but utterly un-American!)  Oh, and I am a published author, having contributed to the “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love” anthology series. I’m an animal lover and advocate, considering these creatures to be nothing less than God’s magnificent treasures. I am currently mom’s conscientious caregiver – she’s doing very well, thank you. I’ve worked hard my entire life for others, helping them to prosper, and now it is time to work for myself. 

My very best regards to you. Happy reading!