A Shocking Exposé of Workplace and Personal Bullying

Join the courageous author in this groundbreaking exposé as she tells you about the incredible and harrowing experiences she endured while working at a major US corporation. “The Bully Corporation” is a compulsively readable and humanizing portrait of a maliciously and needlessly defamed employee.


A Bold Commentary About Workplace Bullying

By reading the book, you will have tremendous advantages over others as you learn to recognize the subtle signs of how manipulation by upper managers and “trouble-making” co-workers happens. As you discover the nuances of workplace bullying, you will understand why those in positions of power and their acolytes do not want you to read this book.


Book Overview

Over 50 million Americans have reported workplace abuse, amounting to a nationwide epidemic. If this is the number of reported incidents, how many of you out there, like the author, have been suffering in silence? This book includes two very personal bonus stories and superb commentary that will comfort and guide victims of schoolyard bullying and cyber-bullying as well as domestic or spousal abuse.


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If you are too afraid to talk to anyone, jeopardize your job, or appear paranoid as you believe that the problem is you, then this book is perfect for changing that mindset. It is not your fault that you’re a victim of workplace bullying. Let the author show you her journey so that you will be able to better understand and navigate bullies’ sociopathic behaviors that are holding you back and keeping you down.

Definitely one of the best stories and commentaries about bullying you will ever read, this fascinating e-book comes to you at just the price of a paperback whether you download an EPUB, MOBI, or PDF file. Buy your own copy now.